El Salvador


Fundraising for Missions

The thought of raising over a thousand dollars can seem a daunting task! Rest assured, if God has called, He is sovereign, and He will provide!

That doesn’t mean that we don’t have a part. It’s not time to just sit back and wait for someone to write a check. God wants you to have a part of in raising support for His mission. He will often use this as a part of the process of preparing your heart for what He is going to do. Fundraising is also a great opportunity to share with others what God is doing in your life!

Here are some important steps in the fundraising process:

  1. Be sent by your local church. Global Encounter is a para-church ministry. The church is the true Bride of Christ and the mission sender. Global Encounter exits to be an outlet to partner with churches as they send out missionaries for God’s glory. So, go to your church and ask them to pray for you, send you, and they may even be able to help support you.
  2. Make a personal sacrifice. Before you ask others to support you, look at your own personal finances. How can you sacrifice for this mission? This may mean saving more of your money from your part-time job or even doing some side-work. It may mean shopping less or not eating out and avoiding coffee shops. You might even ask people to give to your mission trip in lieu of birthday and Christmas gifts.
  3. Send out prayer and support letters. We ask every team member to have a group of people praying for them. Send out letters letting people know what God is doing in your life, give them some details of the trip, ask them if they would commit to pray for you, and also ask if they would consider partnering in your vision and mission by giving financially. All financial gifts if correctly done are also tax deductible. We will help you in this process.
  4. Do a fundraiser. There are lots of fundraisers out there. Do a quick google search or get creative and come up with something new! You may end up selling t-shirts (check out this great site http://www.fundthenations.com/), do a pie/cake auction, a garage sale, or walk-a-thon…whatever you do, know that people are investing in you and the mission of God.