El Salvador


2017 Trip Details Coming Soon

El Salvador is the Next Step in training our students through missions to be missional disciples and leaders of their generation for the advancement of the gospel and the glory of God.

The El Salvador mission trip is designed for students, high school students (ages 16 and up or students 14 and up if accompanied with a parent/guardian) and college students to take the Next Step of missional training and experience. Students will be challenged to take greater responsibilities and leadership from the fundraising and preparation to the on-the-field ministry. Students will be guided by experienced leaders.

We believe this will be used by God as a great part of their discipleship. They will be sent with a mission and with the parameters to fulfill the mission, along with with supervision to help them succeed, as well as a guidance to maximize the experience for discipleship impact!

Although this mission trip is specially designed and geared for students, we would love to have student pastors/youth leaders and parents. Adults will serve along with students but they will also help with ministry to Salvadorian adults, including preaching, teaching women’s conferences, pastor training, or gospel sharing.

On this Next Step mission trip to El Salvador, students will

  • Be equipped to share the gospel in a cross-cultural environment through Bible storying and their personal testimony
  • Develop, with their team, material to share the gospel through a culturally relevant VBS
  • Share the gospel (specifically through Vacation Bible Schools, door-to-door evangelism, youth rallies)
  • Work alongside Salvadorian believers, including pastors, translators, and peers
  • Continue to experience on-the-field mission training that will further students to be missional disciples and leaders at home

On the Field. Where, who, what are we are doing? We will be working with local Salvadorian churches and leaders to further advance the Kingdom of God in El Salvador. These churches work in a city as well as a remote village in the mountains. We will be doing VBS and youth rallies in both the city as well as in the mountains. Students will be working together to develop their own lessons based from the Creation to the Church story sets. Other ministry will include youth leader training, pastor training (conducted by the adult leadership), church ministry, sports ministry, and door-to-door evangelism.

We will also get to experience the beautiful paradise of El Salvador by visiting coffee plantations, the black sand beach, Mayan ruins, and shopping in a market for souvenirs.

Training. How will I know what to do? An intense weekend of preparation and training called Boot Camp will be hosted at First Baptist Arnold during March 4th-5th. Students will also receive further training during the St. Louis mission project on July 8th-15th.

Dates and Cost. When do I leave? What is it going to cost me? Students will also be required to be a part of the St. Louis mission project, July 8th-15th. We will be leaving from the St. Louis airport the morning of July 18th and returning on July 26th. The cost for the trip is $1,450.00 (includes airfare, meals in country, ministry supplies, in country transportation, and lodging, pretty much everything but souvenirs. (It also includes registration to the St. Louis Project, July 8th-15th)

Applications with a $25.00 registration fee (This is over the trip cost and will be used for training expenses.) are due February 15, 2016. Late applications with a $50.00 registration fee will be accepted until March 1st.

Requirements/Expectations. Can I go? What should I expect?
  • Completed and approved application (includes testimony, Christian life questions, health questions, etc.)
  • Age requirements: 16 and over at time of travel or 14 and over if accompanied with an adult or guardian
  • Cover all costs, including trip, passport (a passport is required), and immunizations
  • Attend all trainings, including Boot Camp on March 4th and 5th and the St. Louis Project (July8th-15th)
  • Complete all assignments: testimony sharing, learning C to C story (Creation to Church), VBS lessons, and team projects

Getting Started. Let’s go! If you are interested in going to El Salvador, to go to the registration and application page!