El Salvador


Do you have students interested in going to El Salvador? AWESOME!

Here’s some info.

What should they do?

  • They should go over all the information on this section of the website, pray, get permission from their parents then fill out the application here.
  • They will need 3 references: a student pastor/leader, another church leader or pastor, and another adult who isn’t a family member.
  • Send in their application fee to P.O. Box 1537, Springfield, MO 6580. Be sure to include their name and El Salvador application fee on the check.

What happens next?

  • They will receive a follow up interview over the phone from one of our team members.
  • After they have been approved, they should begin sending out prayer and support letters, as well as, planning any other fundraisers their family and church approves.
  • Look for more information throughout the process from Global Encounter.
  • Begin the spiritual preparation process.
  • Look forward and attend Boot Camp at First Baptist Church Arnold March 4th-5th.
  • Join their student ministry at the ST. LOUIS PROJECT July 8th-15th!

Are you a student pastor or leader who is interested in going to El Salvador? YES!

We need your leadership!

We would love to have other leaders join us (although that is not required for a student to participate). We will utilize your gift set to help minister to the Salvadorian people! Please fill out the same application process as the students, and we will be in touch!